Just for Kids Law takes action after another 17 year-old held at a police station commits suicide

 Legal charity, Just for Kids Law, has launched a campaign calling for changes in the law to be made with regards to the treatment of 17 year-olds as adults when detained in police stations. A legal anomaly means that 17 year-olds held at police stations do not have the right to be moved to child-friendly accommodation, whereas younger children do. Parents of three 17-year olds who committed suicide after being held at police stations have written to Home Secretary, Theresa May, calling on her to keep promises she made to provide the same rights to 17 year-olds held at the police stations, as are afforded to younger children. Just for Kids Law has launched legal proceedings against the Home Office for failing to act, and a campaign via social media.

More information on this campaign can be found on the CRAE website
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