New resource to measure the impact of youth voice in your local area

Participation Works partner British Youth Council (BYC) have launched a new toolkit: Measuring the impact and success of your Youth Voice Vehicle.

This is a self-assessment toolkit to help Youth Voice Vehicles (youth Councils, forums, cabinets and parliaments) and local authorities review their current arrangements and identify how they can be even more successful in listening to, and acting on, the views of young people.

BYC has worked with the Network of Regional Youth Work Units - England to produce this toolkit. Young people involved in Youth Voice Vehicles in their local areas, and the youth participation workers who support them, were also asked for their views on the content and format of the toolkit.

BYC would like all Local Authorities to have undertaken the self-assessment before the end of May 2012, in order to give them a baseline of information about the impact and success of their local Youth Voice Vehicle.

Completed checklists can be sent to by the end May 2012.

Download the toolkit

Youth Voice Vehicles Standards Toolkit
Youth Voice Vehicles Toolkit Self Assessment Checklist

The toolkits can also be found within the Resource Centre of their website.

BYC worked with colleagues in the North West Regional Youth Work Unit and the Regional Youth Work Unit at Learning South West to develop this toolkit.

Young Inspectors
Many Local Authorities are already running The Young Inspectors package. The complete package develops local staff to support and train young people to conduct objective assessments of local services, make recommendations, follow-up and then support recommendations for service improvements. The Young Inspectors package is based on a two year pilot called Youth4U – Young Inspectors developed by a consortium of British Youth Council, KIDS and NCB.
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