Participation Works National Confidential Feedback Service

Written by Jack Green and Farah Malik, members of the Programmes Advisory Group

The National Confidential Feedback Service is a diverse group of young people aged 12-25. The aim of the feedback service is to ensure that (participation) resources are continuously improved based on their impact on children and young people themselves.

The service was established in 2007 after young people, members of the Participation Works advisory group, highlighted the need for such a service. Members of the group found it difficult to decide which resource was suitable to meet their needs, and with a large amount of replicated resources and guides they felt a way of rating them and improving them was needed. Working in partnership originally with the Department for Children, Schools and Families (now Department for Education) the advisory group decided to take this work on board and from there the challenge began. Since the beginning the project has been led entirely by young people, with support from workers.

"It has been a great experience for me and all other members of the advisory group having leadership over the project and highlighting what we as young people felt we needed to see in this service, and how we can help the improvement of the documents and resources. I feel working with his has helped me to gain more confidence and has given me the skills to get my opinion across in a more constructive manner." (Jack)

"Recently we have evaluated Terrence Higgins Trust’s advice on relationships leaflet. The feedback allowed us to evaluate a number of things such as: was it appealing enough? Is the language accessible? Is it clear to understand the purpose? This allowed us to give recommendations with our better judgment on improvements to create a more young person friendly leaflet." (Farah) 

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