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In the autumn of 2009, NCB and the Children’s Rights Alliance for England were commissioned by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner to examine children’s participation in decision-making in England. The overarching aim of the study was to provide an up-to-date insight into the levels and ways in which children are currently involved in decision-making.

These studies were developed to inform the National Participation Forum in developing a National Participation Strategy for England from 2010 onwards. Visit the National Participation Strategy page to learn more about the strategy and how to get involved.

We have published two summary reports which detail the results from the study:

Children’s Participation in decision-making - A summary report on progress made up to 2010

(340 KB PDF)
This 16 page report overviews the study. Bringing together results from the research, it highlights the progress made in participation and challenges for the road ahead.

Children’s participation in 2010 – A summary for children and young people

(143 KB PDF)
This four page report summaries the study and is aimed for children and young people.

Five separate in-depth reports give further details on the state of participation in England:

Anyone Listening? Evidence of children and young people’s participation in England

(742 KB PDF)
A review of policy and research on where children and young people influence those matters that affect them and how their involvement in decision-making has changed since 2004.

Children’s participation in decision-making - survey of participation workers

(1.16 MB PDF)

Results from an online survey into the levels and ways in which frontline participation workers involve children in the development, delivery and evaluation of policies and services, and into the participation workers’ training and support

Children’s participation in decision-making - survey of organisations

(1.1 MB PDF)
Results from an online survey of over 200 senior managers with responsibility for participation, examining the levels and ways in which organisations in England currently involve children in decision-making and the barriers that limit children’s participation in decision-making processes.

Children’s participation in decision-making - A Children’s Views Report

(507 KB PDF)
Results from focus groups with children and young people examining the extent to which children feel they have a voice and influence in matters affecting them and how this varies by setting and level of decision-making.

Children’s experience of participation - Results from a nationally representative poll

(1.38 MB PDF)
Results form a nationally representative survey of 1,001 children aged 7–17 years in England. The poll was conducted by ICM research in February 2010 and looks at the participation of children in decision-making processes more generally.

Alongside the reports the National Participation Forum has published An Equal Place at the Table for Children and Young People which sets out a strategic vision for participation in England. The document lays out our shared vision for participation, to enable all children to influence matters which affect them. The forum is inviting children, young people, practitioners and the public to give their views on the National Participation Strategy page.

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