Honesty, Commitment and Trust - Delivering Training in Partnership with Young People

This resource will look primarily at how organisations support and develop young people to work as partners to design and deliver training.

We will use the term ‘co-training’ and focus on young people aged between 16 and 25 years old as co-trainers.

Many organisations have an interest in engaging young people, as paid or voluntary employees, to develop and deliver training.

This type of approach can vary from young people taking one specific role such as making a prepared presentation during a training session to them working in partnership, either with each other or adults, to design and deliver training for groups of adults or young people.

Anyone with an interest in engaging young people as co-trainers can make use of this resource.

Based on information gained through interviews with a range of organisations already using co-training, two independent evaluation reports and other supporting research, the resource explores:

  • the benefits of a co-training approach
  • the dynamics of co-training
  • a model for successful co-training
  • the practicalities of preparing for and developing co-training.

This resource also looks at the ethos of co-training - the fact that the contribution of young people and adults is equally valued and of equal worth. For example, the young person may not be an experienced trainer but their experience of life as a young person is equally as valuable as their co-trainer’s expertise in training delivery.

Published: 2010 | Format: 32pp | Price: £6
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