National Confidential Feedback Service

Introducing a new feedback service for organisations that have developed, or are developing, resources* aimed at young people.

The service:

- aims to ensure that resources are continually improved based on their impact on children and young people themselves.

- should be used as part of the organisation’s pilot or review process.

All feedback will be confidential and represents the views of the young advisors, not the Participation Works consortium.

*A resource is defined as published materials (print or web, free or priced) that aim to increase children and young people’s involvement in decision-making.

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Case Study
Children and young people from Participation Works National Confidential Feedback Service worked with Terrence Higgins Trust to develop a resource about relationships.
"This service has been useful to us in a variety of areas. This feedback plays a big role in our information accreditation process, as independent peer review is very important to us in delivering an effective and appropriate resource. It was really great to get objective feedback from young people who were not directly involved in the creation of the booklet and the feedback gave us several ideas and concepts to think about, some of which were incorporated into the final project."
Terrence Higgins Trust

A booklet for Young People (2010)
This booklet has been created by a team of young people from Terrence Higgins Trust. It's designed to help young people think about relationships and what makes them work. It is aimed at all young people, whether gay, straight, bisexual, or anywhere in between.
Find out more from the Terrence Higgins Trust website


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