A survey of 1,000 organisations revealed that nine out of 10 agreed that children and young people have the right to participate in public decision-making.

The training materials below offer a wide collection of information, activities and sign posting for children, young people and adults seeking to make change happen. The emphasis is on respecting children and young people as people now not people-in-the-making; being clear about the changes that need to happen; and developing the skills and knowledge to help make change happen.

Participation Works offer a comprehensive Training & Consultancy service a number of different training packages including:

Building a Culture of Participation
Aims to equip participants with basic theory, practical approaches and tools, to help them build a culture of participation.

Do you speak Trustee?
This course aims to develop young people to be effective members of a trustee board, by equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge that they need for this role.

Hear by Right
For all staff interested in or delivering children and young people’s participation, including key participation leaders and senior management.

How To Involve Children and Young People in Commissioning
This one day course aims to provide delegates with an overview of the commissioning process, and to better understand the case in favour and arguments against young people’s involvement. This will enable them to influence others and overcome barriers to young people’s involvement in commissioning.

How To Use Creative Methods For Participation
This training course offers participants the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in using creative methods to ensure effective and active participation by children and young people.

How To Work Successfully With Children and Young People From Various Faiths and Cultures
This training course offers participants the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in working successfully with children and young people from various faiths and cultures.

How To Involve ‘Hard To Reach’ Children and Young People
This course aims to equip participants with an understanding of why some children and young people might not make use of the services, organisations and activities that are on offer to them and practical ideas for enabling those individuals to get involved.

Ready Steady Change
A one-day training course that introduces participants to a selection of training methods and tools to build skills and knowledge in increasing children and young people’s effective participation in decision-making.

Safeguarding in Youth Participation
This one-day course supports organisations in developing and applying safe policies and procedures when working with young people.

Saying Power
This flexible and structured programme offers seven OCN accredited modules; children’s rights, participation and equal opportunities, project planning and project promotion, project worker role, group work and communication skills, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy and change, regeneration work, research skills and research practice.

Youth at the Table
The aim of this course is to develop young people to be effective members of a trustee board, by equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge that they need for this role.

Below are some further training materials which are not an exhaustive list, but a start to help you engage with children and young people.


Act By Right from The National Youth Agency
An accredited skills workbook designed to develop young people’s knowledge and skills to take effective action and make change happen

Committed to Rights
Training materials for all those working with children and young people in the youth justice system (including in custody), to demonstrate that a rights-based approach leads to better decision and judgement making.

Confidence In Communication
Student-developed and student-led training initiative involving a series of practical modules about the barriers many young people face in connecting with decision makers.

Whats So Queer?
All inclusive Sexuality Diversity Training Toolkit consisting of an Educators Handbook, CD Rom with supporting materials.

Ready Steady Change
Training and tools to put children's and young people's wishes, feelings and ideas at the centre of public services.


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Introduction and Getting Started

These training resources have been produced by support workers who want to provide appropriate development opportunities for 8 to 12-year-olds.

Involving Children and Young People in Recruitment and Selection

Everyone needs to learn to conduct recruitment properly and children and young people are no different from the rest.

Developing Children's Champions

This training programme aims to equip children and young people with some of the basic skills and knowledge needed to be a children’s champions.

Participation Works is a consortium of…
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