Appraisal and Assessment

This is the area seemingly least developed in terms of children and young people’s involvement although it is increasingly growing.

Case study from Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Young people from Rotherham Young People's Services were involved in the recruitment of the Director of Children’s Services and some of these young people then went on to conduct the Director’s annual appraisal. The group was mixed and included young people from the Refuge, Looked-After Children and Youth Cabinet. The Director went through the five Every

Child Matters outcomes, looked at the vision for Children and Young People’s Services in Rotherham and compared their delivery against these. They also looked at where they should go next with their priorities.

The Director’s learning was that it was the big and small stuff that mattered to the young people, for example, the failure to fix the lights in a local park for some time. In response, the Director had taken this issue up and it was resolved.

The young people, however, recognised that the three key things in the vision - tackling bullying, places to go and voice and influence – were major issues and could see what the Director had achieved in responding to them. According to the Director: “It reinforced how important it is that we are accountable to young people – and this in turn strengthens our mandate for action. The appraisal was both a positive and challenging experience.”

The Director will face another panel of young people for their next appraisal.
Further details and contacts can be found on the Children's Workforce Development Council website.

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